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If you can stay home, stay home. If you need urgent housing, we’ll help

If you can stay home, stay home. If you need urgent rental housing and have nowhere to live or stay temporarily, we’ll help.

During this unprecedented crisis, Emily and I as real estate professionals have been seeking ways to be most helpful in our community.

Life is not normal right now, and there is no business as usual.

We will not be interacting the same way we have been before COVID-19 changed everything…for now.

But in the midst of all of this, there are still many people who need to move for various pressing reasons.

We decided that the best way to be helpful as realtors is to offer information and to be as accommodating as we can to those who are in this situation.

We are offering video tours of our current rental listings (as long as they are currently unoccupied), and we are able to accept applicants and sign leases completely digitally.

We can also send Google Street View links so that clients can take a virtual tour of the block and the neighborhood for any prospective rental property.

Additionally, we are offering to assist our clients to find any needed additional services, like movers, key copies, house cleaners, painters, and property management companies that are still available for hire.

For anyone who had previously been considering buying or selling a property, we are still happy to conduct video calls via Zoom to discuss your needs, and will help anyone with urgent housing needs to the best of our ability.

Given that we are in uncharted territory and realtors don’t have a crystal ball even under normal circumstances, we are not quite sure how the housing market will be affected by this crisis.
Conjecture is not helpful right now.

But we will continue to provide our services as needed as best we can while practicing CDC recommended social distancing measures.

We wish everyone health and stability during this upending time and we look forward to connecting with our past, present, and future clients.

Very Truly Yours,
Emily and Patrick
Patrick Hambrecht LLC – NJ Real Estate

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